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Snoopie when added to your Chrome browser as an extension helps you beware of the recording services that one may find inappropriate.


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Most of us on the web are fairly aware about the fact that none of us are secure when browsing on the global network of internet. It is quite inevitable that developers putting up content on the web for the consumers would expect feedback and would like to know how their content is being viewed and experienced by the internet lot. As casual as it may sound it there is nothing very wrong in developers tracking consumers’ activities but what if they extend to more than it should be?

Many services on the internet allow for this very feature that a developer craves for and records users’ activities on that particular website or the web app. It is a very useful feature that lets developer understand their users and become better for them. Where the problem arises is at the users end, since it might be creepy for a user to be tracked upon every single scroll. Indeed, it is not very safe either since a single mistake can lead to privacy breach.

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If there is a problem we come across, in most cases it is bound to have a solution. To overcome this problem and to tackle services like Fullstory, Inspectlet and many more, David Byttow, a technologist and an engineer from San Francisco, California came up with simple program which adds as a Chrome extension on your Chrome browser and lets you know if and when a service is tracking and recording the user.


See who’s watching you browse the web

 here’s the source: github


What does it do?

Snoopie when added to your Chrome browser as an extension helps you beware of the recording services that one may find inappropriate. It currently detects 8 recording services that a keep a track of your movements and activities. More importantly it is free and an open sourced extension that can also be rooted down to its GitHub repository for developers to develop into.



Since it is one of the only few programs available that provide this kind of service it is still striving to make realise the people on the internet that they are being tracked. It is yet to make a big impact on people but for as far as it goes this extension will protect and ensure your privacy to a great extent. It would be better if it also supported more tracking services.

It has around 1,500 satisfied users and is rated 4.5 on the Chrome Web Store which portrays its decent reputation.


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • As for the advantages, this product will not prove to be disappointing since it is bringing out a problem most people aren’t even aware of and also providing a decent solution to it.
  • Disadvantage of this product would be that it could get better at what it does and support in identifying more and more services that are threatening and stay updated with the new ones.

This product will overall be an amazing fit as there is no harm in having an extra Chrome extension and moreover if it serves a great purpose to ensure safety and prevent security breaches then why wait to take a good step?


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