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Tunnello VPN

Tunnello VPN is widely used. There are 110 servers all over the world with more than 3,50,000 users.


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Introduction to Tunnello VPN

Tunnello VPN imparts the fastest and the most secured internet connection. Through Tunnello, all the websites can be unblocked. More often, problems are faced while viewing some videos on the particular websites. Those are termed as locked substances. But with this VPN, you can easily access those internet elements without
facing any hurdle. Tunnello enables anonymous data encryption of 4096 bits.
Tunnello VPN is widely used. There are 110 servers all over the world with more than 3,50,000 users.


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What are the characteristics of products included?

The Tunnello VPN has many extraordinary characteristics, which have been listed below.

  • Google Chrome’s extended generation is Tunnello. Tunnello uses SPDY technological aspects with TLS for encrypting the connected data inside AES-128 tunnel along with RSA-4096 bit.
  • This VPN provide us with an efficient feature of unblocking any blocked website or application in a restricted internet connection.
  • Your device’s IP address can be easily hidden using Tunnello. None will get that opportunity to spy your information. You can browse the internet in a safe and secured way.
  • Enjoy browsing five browsers at a time with the superb connection of Tunnello.
  • Tunnello service is available in 14 countries. The number of its servers will be increasing in few days.
  • Tunnello VPN is a product of new and innovative technology that provides high speed for browsing.


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Product review

Tunnello VPN is the appropriate blend of excessively secured proxy server and fastest VPN. Tunnello provides strong guard to the data of the users as it prevents spying.

Browse peacefully without any restriction by simply installing the Tunnello on Google Chrome. You only need to connect Tunnello service while browsing a blocked website to unblock it. Tunnello is recently compatible in only Google Chrome Browser but it will soon become more compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac-based operating Systems.

Tunnello is quite affordable. Before going for a subscription, try the free trial which will provide you with 200 MB free data for six months.


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The advantages and disadvantages of the product

The characteristic aspects of every product deals with a set of advantages along with some disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below. Go through all the pros and cons before subscribing Tunnello VPN service.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Tunnello protects the user’s path across the internet.
  • No presence of logs.
  • There is a manual configuration option to configure the settings.
  • Tunnello VPN is the special added feature of Google Chrome that works in a very smooth and easier way.
  • Lots of exciting features are present in Tunnello VPN service.



  • The Tunnello is the most compatible with Google Chrome. But its somehow restricted in other surfing platforms.
  • Few bugs come up in the system.


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Final Words

Tunnello thus provides the super fast speed for browsing different websites on the internet in the most private and secured way. The subscription plans of Tunnello VPN service are of two types. One is named as ‘Mission to Mars’ of $3.99 per month while the other is ‘Mission to the Moon’ of $5.25 monthly. Tunnello is meant for
making the internet surfing smarter.

Unlock any website by changing your location
Protect your privacy by making you anonymous
Secure your connection by encrypting your data
Bypass almost all censorship and network restriction.

Install chrome extension


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