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What is a VPN Book? A VPN Book is the free service of virtual private network. Free VPN service is the product of modern designs and upgraded cryptographic technologies.


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What is a VPN Book? A VPN Book is the free service of virtual private network. Free VPN service is the product of modern designs and upgraded cryptographic technologies. It has undertaken many advancements. There are five server locations with six servers. The VPN Book offers six IP addresses.

The VPN Book service connection is differentiated into two ways. VPN service can be obtained by connecting through PPTP, that is, point-to- point tunnelling or the third party OpenVPN client. SSL protocol is used by OpenVPN so the security level is more in case of OpenVPN. PPTP is less secured compared to OpenVPN as PPTP uses two- layered tunnel based protocol.

What are the characteristics of products included?

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The VPN Book possesses the extraordinary characteristics that are listed below.

  • There exists no logging activity details of a user.
  • The security aspect is extreme.
  • There exists no bandwidth limits in VPN Book internet service.
  • Both the OpenVPN and PPTP services are free.
  • The encryption techniques is more than good.
  • The encryption is strong with AES-256 and AES-128 bits synchronisation.
  • VPN Book provides a strong unblocking feature. It can unblock any blocked websites or web contents with anonymity.


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Free OpenVPN and PPTP VPN
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Product review

As it is stated earlier that VPN Book works in two modes. You can easily sign in to OpenVPN service which is an open source service. It remains balanced even if that load is more. This web-free VPN supports CRL and provides high security. While PPTP protocol imparts lesser security approach than OpenVPN.

The configuration procedure is easy. For OpenVPN, at first you have to install PrivateTunnel. Then create a new account by signing up and follow the further steps that you will instructed to do after choosing your VPN server.



The advantages and disadvantages of the product

The VPN Book free private internet service has a set of advantages with some disadvantages. Here some advantages and disadvantages are provided to you.


  • The software for VPN Book is not so larger.
  • The service offered by VPN Book is really fast.
  • The VPN Book provides free private network data service.
  • The OpenVPN and PPTP VPN are suitable for various operating systems like Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10, Linux and MAC.
  • The VPN Book service is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Its works efficiently in two different switching modes.
  • PPTP mode is supportable in modern operating systems based devices and even in mobile phones.




  • The choices for locations are limited. That means lesser geographic diversity for choosing servers.
  • The encryption techniques are not properly illustrated.
  • The online customer care service is not very well.


Final Words

As the advantages are surpassing the disadvantages, so it can be the better choice for yourself to access the free VPN Book service. It is very renowned service all over the world. The VPN Book service is run by the financial support of advertising and donations from different sponsorships. The free wireless network service is thus highly convenient. Thus VPN Book is quite different than the services of other VPN services.

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