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Avast SecureLine

The Avast SecureLine is one of the most advance VPN available.


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Introduction of the Avast SecureLine

The internet is the place where we spend most of our time these days, surfing through different digital platforms. The one thing that we often overlook is that the Internet is not a safe place to be for most of us.

Our privacy can be compromised while we are online without our knowledge. To prevent this, VPN or virtual private network has been developed so that users can surf through the Internet without giving out their personal information or identity.

Avast software has developed a ‘subscription based’ VPN called the Avast SecureLine,which promotes a hundred percent guaranteed internet browsing to its user.

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Characteristics of Avast SecureLine

The Avast SecureLine is one of the most advance VPN available. It can be used on any operating system. It is supported on Android, Windows, MacOS and also iOS. Avast SecureLine protects all your activities on the internet by maintaining both the ingoing and outgoing internet traffic through encryption. All your transactions and only transfers are free form the risk of any surveillances.

SecureLine also reduces the risk of accounts being hacked. When you access the Internet, your anonymity is maintained by changing constantly updating and changing your IP address. This allows you to keep your personal information safe and you can choose to share them only with people whom you trust completely. Avast SecureLine also gets you access to websites which are otherwise not accessible due to censorship norms.


Review for Avast SecureLine

Avast has lived up to the expectations of its users. As a company which develops antivirus software, Avast has done a good job in developing a VPN. Most of Avast users have subscribed to Avast SecureLine and the review has been a mixed one. In terms of compatibility with Avast Antivirus, SecureLine works perfectly. However, Avast SecureLine only serves the basic features of a VPN.

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Though the working is smooth and hassle free, it can be come across as a bit overpriced. Many users have summed up their experience with SecureLine as overwhelming but there are also users who have stated their experience to be just satisfactory.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Avast SecureLine

The Avast SecureLine, just like other VPN has some advantages and some disadvantages.

Let’s first check the advantages.

  • The installation of the Avast SecureLine is very easy. Even a layman could do it.
  • The set up procedure is fast.
  • Avast SecureLine gives its user one week of free trial.
  • The performance of Avast SecureLine is smooth.

Now to let us see some of the disadvantages –

  • The mobile plans for Avast SecureLine is separate.
  • Avast SecureLine is relatively costlier than other VPNs available.
  • The features available in Avast SecureLine is basic and limited.


Final words

The Avast SecureLine is a VPN which will give you a smooth and safe network to access contents online while maintaining an anonymous identity. Given the features available in Avast SecureLine, it may appear to be overpriced but the service is equally good. The easy set up allows you to use this VPN without any hassle.

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