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X-VPN is a service that is available free of cost for the base version on most working platforms like windows, android, macOS and iOS.


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Introduction of the X-VPN

Our lives are more connected to the internet than we are even aware of. It is now practically impossible to even imagine a world without internet for we have become so dependent and interconnected globally. Hence, it is also important that we stay safe online and do not jeopardise our personal information over it What comes to avoid these risks is a service called VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is a service that protects you online and lets you access sites and content that might be blocked by your government in your region or by your organisation.


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X-VPN is a service that is available free of cost for the base version on most working platforms like windows, android, macOS and iOS. X-VPN is one of the simplest services to use on any device and gives you the flexibility to access and enjoy any content all over the world securely and anonymously.

They provide unlimited bandwidth with over 1500+ servers around the globe but this comes at a price of $11.99 pm if paid monthly or $5.99 if paid yearly. The payment options provided on the website too are immense with options like PayPal and debit card gateways.



One of the most noted and reckoned feature of X-VPN is that once you buy it, it can be used on unlimited number of devices under the same plan and no limit as such is instructed upon. It also provides 24/7 live chat support to help you with your queries and doubts.

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You can take advantage of offers and coupons from around the world by virtually changing your location to a different country. It has a strictly no logs policy which doesn’t store any of your requests and thus doesn’t track any of your activity online.


Advantages and Disadvantages

What could be more beneficial than having a free service to solve your problems and that’s exactly what X-VPN tries to solve. It is completely for all android and iOS smartphones and the basic plan is also free for desktops or laptops. It just takes 3 seconds to connect to world chat support.

What could be better with X-VPN is in the pricing section with others offering services at a lower price but with ease of access X-VPN tries its best to be worthy of it. The free version does bug you with you many ads but yet again not everything can be given out for free.



It has self-owned servers and has also partnered with AWS and Rockspace to provide the best experience. It rocks a feature called smart reconnect feature which lets you connect automatically once you are back online after an interrupted connection. It has over a 50,000 happy users and has been termed as one of the easiest VPN services to use.

This service is one of the best when it comes to the VPN service since it can be a tough choice to choose on one since it’s the question of online security and it is not worth risking for a few dollars. Thus, X-VPN fulfils that promise of being the best choice for its customers.


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