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GooseVPN is one such service that provides VPN service.


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Introduction of the GooseVPN

It is almost every other day that we hear about data breaches and leaks. This obviously goes on to show the most evident that the internet is not a very secure place. It is not possible for us to be independent from the internet anymore as we are already deeply rooted it. It is highly important for the information that we share on the internet to be secure and be aware of hackers who try to retrieve our personal information.

There can be a lot of information on the internet that we would like to access but might be restricted by our government, service provider or university/organisation, what helps us in these situations is a service called VPN. Virtual Private Network disguises your current network processes and IP address with another IP address from another country that you choose.

GooseVPN is one such service that provides VPN service. There are many VPN services out there and it can be a tough choice to select one from the lot. GooseVPN will help stay safe online and also help view content that might not be visible to others in the same region.


What are the characteristics of GooseVPN

It is a very simple to use application or service with a very simple user interface. It allows you to make use of public WIFI securely by channelling all your data through layers of encryption with GooseVPN. It follows a completely log free policy, that is none of your activities online will be tracked or recorded. One can log in to different accounts while using a VPN and not a single entry would be saved anywhere.

Many people who love to shop online find it important to compare prices in different countries before buying it to get the best deal. With GooseVPN one can access websites from any other country to not miss out on the best. It is not only restricted to shopping websites but one can access literally any website in the world with GooseVPN.


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Advantages and Disadvantages

  • It has servers in over 56 countries with unlimited bandwidth capabilities. It ensures no bandwidth throttling while use. No technical knowledge is required for one to get started with GooseVPN and it is very simple to use. It can be used on almost any device as it supports multiple platforms.
  • It is not free and comes at a cost. Though it provides first month of free service, it later has to be bought at a cost around $12 if paid monthly. Though its yearly cost reduces the price to up to $5 monthly when paid annually.



Well, it at least provides a month of free service which is enough to determine its worth and with so many people using it worldwide. It has an above average rating and has positive response from most of its users. Moreover, it lets you use the service on unlimited devices so, what more could one ask for.

With promising service and good reviews, GooseVPN has had a good reputation in the VPN provider market and also delivers to the extent. One of the simplest way of protecting yourself online and getting your way through to content which otherwise might not be very possible.


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