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Introduction of the SafeZone

It is very often we hear the news of some or other established website or organisation being hacked and about large database leaks and privacy breaches. It can be frightening to even imagine your personal data being in hands of a malicious person. Hence, it is very important to stay secure online.

SafeZone is an online service that can help protect your data online and in a way, encrypts it for you while keeping you safe. SafeZone is a very fast growing and is setting new standards for security and privacy on the internet. They provide something known as the SafeZone pass which provides you security.


Key Features

SafeZone pass comprises of a unique PerNum, basically a personal id that behaves as your key to different gateways. Instead of sharing your personal details like email id, phone number or wallet and card details. Instead of providing this personal information all one has to do is to share the PerNum while your data is safely encrypted and guarded by them.

All websites falling under SafeZone are encrypted by SSL for the highest-grade security. Moreover, every website undergoes a daily scan for any malware threats or hacking attempts. What separates this from conventional services is that you also need an OTP (One Time Password) generated randomly every time you access your SafeZone account.


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Advantages and Disadvantages

  • It protects you from a great deal of threats online and from trackers and hackers who can constantly record your online activities and retrieve your personal data. They also provide loyalty points and rewards or coupons for your online activity and also for making your friends and family join SafeZone.
  • SafeZone also possesses its own digital currency known as Rainbow currency which is backed by company shares. Hence, you can pay for services and products according to the SafeZone economy securely. Apart from this, it also has its own radio show where they announce weekly updates and offers that can be availed during the period.
  • What isn’t very convenient is the registration one has to go through and trusting them with all the personal information but is sure more secure than other conventional methods that can be found on the web. Also, to provide you with great offers they can track your activities on their websites.


Review of Safezone

It is a new concept towards a step at securing one’s online presence and is different from the conventional methods that tare used today like VPN and proxy. It offers a great deal of features in a very high security environment. It has multiple step authentication which helps you be double sure about your online privacy. It is definitely a must try for those who wish to stay safe online and are involved in a lot of online data transfers or transactions.

With services like SafeZone entering the market, the shape of online security can see a reform. It is trying to transform things are online and making it difficult for hackers and malware practisers to be able to breach into personal information.


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