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ZenMate VPN

The ZenMate VPN provides the safest network service.


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ZenMate VPN

While surfing the internet, we often forget how much we are compromising our personal information to a stranger sitting at another corner of the world. Our location can be tracked down when we are using an unprotected internet network.

To keep our data and information safe, we need to opt for a network which is private and protected. It maintains confidentiality. Such a network is called Virtual Private Network or VPN. One of the best provider of such a private network is ZenMate. It is available in both mobiles and desktops for all operating system. It is easy to use and gives it users all the best services of a VPN.


What are the Characteristics of ZenMate VPN?

The ZenMate VPN provides the safest network service. ZenMate follows the moto –‘Fast. Secure. Easy’ and lives up to every word. It makes sure your VPN service is fast, your personal information while you are online is not compromised and you are able to access the network easily. It keeps updating your IP address so that you can maintain your anonymity online .

On this virtual network, you are safe from your account being hacked. It allows you to hide your IP address.

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Review for ZenMate VPN

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ZenMate VPN has a total of forty two million subscribers. They are widely accepted for its services. The VPN provided by ZenMate is hundred percent secured and protected.

ZenMate VPN is authentic, reliable and authorised. Users can choose plans for subscription for a duration of six months or a year depending upon their preferences. ZenMate have a total of thirty server centres. These centres help in encryption to keep your online activities concealed and private from the world.


The advantages of using ZenMate VPN

  • ZenMate VPN gives its user an access to a private and completely safe network.
  • The have a scheme e which guarantees 14 days money back.
  • The unlimited plans are available for 6 months and 12 months. Users can opt for anyone according to their convenience.
  • The users get free access to all the Geo restricted websites. Private browsing is available for all the users of ZenMate. You get access to all blocked websites. The VPN allows you to change your location and view contents which are apparently not available in your country.
  • You can also view videos which remain blocked on YouTube for various reasons by changing your IP.
  • It is supported by all operating system that is Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


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The disadvantages of using ZenMate VPN

  • ZenMate VPN can be expensive. The six months plan come for $7.49. The annual plan is cheaper which costs you $4.99.
  • There are no plans for a small duration like a week long or a month long scheme.


Final words

In twenty first century it is crucial to keep our personal information safe. ZenMate ensures its users the finest features of a virtual private network. The ZenMate VPN is very easy to set up and use. The flexibility that ZenMate provides on the devices it can be used is rare.


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