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Best VPN for Torrenting

Torrenting is basically sharing the files in one's device over the Internet to another.


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Best VPN for Torrenting

Torrents are subtly illegal tools to download almost infinitely ranging legal things from the Internet. There are countless torrent websites, an as the government keeps banning them, they pop up again with mirror links and proxy sites. So the acceptable truth is that torrenting is imperishable and will continue to exist in any legal or illegal ways forever.


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Torrenting is basically sharing the files in one's device over the Internet to another. This results in data insecurity and exposure to unwanted recipients, most importantly the IP address of the person who is sharing the file. In some cases, the IP address is more than enough to hack and get into a device, if tried. Thus, people need to use the best VPNs to stay safe from hackers and ensure their data remains private and safe. Given below are a few best VPNs for torrenting..


1- ExpressVPN

It offers top-notch security without compromising much speed. ExpressVPN is a superb all-rounder VPN with a specific focus on superior functions that makes it reachable to people using for streaming and are in search of protection and security. It is quite expensive but rather provides what one pays for. Impenetrable encryption, high speeds, dependable access to the most prevalent websites with splendid and responsive client support and service.

ExpressVPN Pros / Advantages

  • It provides reliable and secure access to all websites.
  • It is extremely strong in privacy and comes with all desirable features, HQ outside EU/US jurisdiction, own DNS servers, kill switch feature.

ExpressVPN Cons / Disadvantages

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  • It is quite expensive than other VPN products.
  • It provides minimal metadata connection for service developments.


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2- NordVPN

NordVPN is an extremely solid all-rounder VPN whose focus on security highlights does not come at the detriment of quality or speed. This VPN comes in at an extremely reasonable price. There are a lot of setting that has to be changed manually if one needs to change them. This aspect can be considered as an advantage or a needless disadvantage.

NordVPN Pros / Advantages

  • It offers reliable connection even across different service locations.
  • It offers the same consistent speed with different apps and services.
  • It keeps upgrading with new features for privacy mainly for torrenting.

NordVPN Cons / Disadvantages

  • Its app is quite standard, and thus cannot be changed to the settings that one might want.
  • Certain privacy protocols can be accessed only outside the app.
  • Sometimes when air traffic is quite high, even the best servers become busy causing slow speeds.

3- IPVanish

IPVanish is unimaginably quick, which is great for record sharing, gaming, and streaming videos. Its applications are capable yet not generally too simple to utilize. Client help and service is somewhat inadequate. Experienced clients will probably disregard these issues because of the execution, top-notch security choices, and its zero logs strategy.


IPVanish Pros / Advantages

  • It offers high speed for both downloading and uploading files, mainly for torrenting.
  • It is easy to establish a proper, unfaltering connection.
  • It is perfect for streaming applications and those which consume a lot of data.

IPVanish Cons / Disadvantages

  • Poor customer support is one of the main reasons for its lack of reach.
  • Its app is not too user-friendly at the start.


Final words about VPN for Torrenting

These above-mentioned VPNs are reputedly the best for torrenting, and also for other online uploading and downloading purposes one might want to use for.


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