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Best VPN for Canada

For a place like Canada VPN services used should have a great compatibility and should be able to protect the internal data being used.


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VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network that acts as a layer between the internet content and the user. Different places recommend different VPN services based on their connectivity and speed. For a place like Canada VPN services used should have a great compatibility and should be able to protect the internal data being used. Therefore, ‘Buffered’ is the best VPN Canadians can switch to for great internet connectivity and safeguarding of online content.


Characteristics of Buffered (Best VPN for Canada)

  • It enables the user to use blocked contents and sites and also ensures access to the geo-restricted contents and services everywhere be it government sites or social media platforms.
  • Buffered offers servers across 45 different countries.
  • Buffered provides excellent speed for streaming of HD audios/videos.
  • Buffered ensures an encrypted service which is highly secured.
  • It keeps your entire data private ensuring a solid privacy policy.
  • Buffered is easy to install and set-up.
  • It unblocks BBC iPlayer and US Netflix.
  • It offers a money back guarantee within 30 days of installation.
  • A trusted VPN service with anonymous surfing.
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Product Review

  • Consumers have a fairly good report stating easy installation and set up.
  • Majority of consumers gave the product a rating of four stars.
  • Canadians consider this product as one of the best VPN for their country owing to its compatible nature and excellent softwares.
  • Customers use it with ease and find it quite impressive.
  • The only complaint customers have from this VPN service is its high price.


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Advantages of Buffered (Best VPN for Canada)

  • It has access over 30+ servers worldwide.
  • Buffered has unlimited bandwidth and traffic.
  • It gives the highest possible speed for accessing internet content.
  • It can be connected simultaneously to five devices.
  • The identity based data are never logged.
  • It is really suited for easy streaming of audio and video content.
  • It values your privacy on internet and is easy to install and set up.
  • It allows P2P connection.
  • It is easy to operate owing to a single user interface.
  • It incorporates open VPN tunnelling and shares IP address to protect privacy.
  • The customer support is excellent.


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Disadvantages of Buffered (Best VPN for Canada)

  • Buffered is highly expensive.
  • It keeps minimal logs.
  • The service count of ‘Buffered’ is not satisfactory.
  • It does not have a kill switch.
  • It lacks DNS leak protection.
  • It does not offer a speed test.


Final Words

Buffered is thus a one stop solution for Canadian users and ensures the best connectivity as compared to other VPN services. It ensures an encrypted and secured network enabling you to access unblock sites. Buffered is a must have for those who are at a constant pace with the internet. The service is refundable in case of any hindrance. Buffered provides the excellent software service and a great internet speed and security. It is by far the best VPN service Canadians can switch to. Buffered is new to the VPN market but owing to its flexible nature has made a name and is the best VPN used for Canada.

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