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Protecting privacy online is a tough job. You never know what information you are passing on to complete strangers.


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Protecting privacy online is a tough job. You never know what information you are passing on to complete strangers. You may think you are surfing authentic sites which will not leak your information but you could be wrong. You definitely need a safe network to keep your information safe. Such networks will not allow anyone access your personal data without your knowledge. This network is called a VPN or a virtual private network. In India, there are many VPN providers who ensures your security and also gives you additional facilities for surfing the Internet. Here is a list of top five best VPN providers in India.


1- ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides the best global private network which allows you to access any website. The top six reasons for choosing ExpressVPN over any other network are

  • Maintains your anonymity ++++
  • Provides you a 24/7 customer service
  • Super fast speed
  • User friendly interface supported on Windows, iPhone, Android and Linux.
  • Gives you offshore privacy protection
  • Allows you to access blocked sites and online contents which are apparently banned in your country.

The reviews for ExpressVPN have been quite positive. The expenses are reasonable and they also provide a free trial period of thirty days with money back guaranteed.


2 – Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is another VPN provider known for its region security and speed. Some of the best features of Cyber Ghost are –

  • Encrypts your IP address so that no other website can track your IP.
  • Hides malicious contents online.
  • Gets you complete security so that you can carry out safe online transactions.

Based in Germany, Cyber Ghost has over 1300 servers across the world. They help you change your IP and view blocked sites. They do provide a free trail period but it comes with some restrictions. The major disadvantage is that the limit is fixed at 1 GB only.


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3- Nord VPN

Nord VPN provides its users a safe and secure platform to connect to people online without fearing any leakage of confidential data. Nord has been reviewed as one the popular choice for VPN in India. The major disadvantage of the network is its slow support system.


4- Pure VPN

The PureVPN makes sure your online transactions are pure of any risk of viruses and hackers. The network is devoid of any interruptions and tracking. However the disadvantage of PureVPN is that the Web surfing speed is comparatively slower than the other VPN providers in India.


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5- Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield provides you a shield to protect your privacy while you are connected to a Hotspot or an unprotected network. It give you access access to anything on the Internet without respecting any boundaries. The user reviews are great. However, the downsides of this network provider is the unnecessary advertisements which interrupts your online activities ever so often.


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Opting for a private network us the most sensible way to optimize your online activities. Your transactions and Internet access are tracked down using your IP address. The leading VPN providers keeps your information safe and protected. Along with a safe network, they also allow you to view contents which are banned in India. All in all the private networks are safe and entertaining at the same time.

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