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Best VPN for Firestick


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Firestick is the ultimate fork of entertainment these days. You may even agree to the fact that you are spending half of your day using Firestick. However ,what you kay fail to realise is the fact that you may be at a risk of giving out some of your personal information via Firestick without your knowledge. The internet is not a safe place and tracking your IP address is just a piece of cake these days. You need to have a safe and protected network so that all your activities on Firestick is secured. Such a network is called VPN or the virtual private network. Here are some of the best VPN providers for Firestick.


1- ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides you a platform where all your passwords and activities on Firestick are encrypted. Your IP address is changed through over seventeen hundred servers placed worldwide. Tracking your online surfing is next to impossible. The user reviews are great except for some inconvenience that some have faced regarding the speed. The major disadvantage that users of Express VPN face is that it supports only three devices per subscription.


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2- Ivacy

Ivacy helps you from keeping your online accounts in Firestick safe from hackers and cyber attacks. They guarantee you with hundred percent protection along with a money back period. It allows about five multiple logins per subscription. The speed can sometimes be an issue in some countries. The downside of the Ivacy VPN is their poor interface on mobile applications.


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3- Nord VPN

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The VPN provided by Nord gives you advanced features like Automatic Kill Switch and No logins. The network assures complete privacy for its users. The speed is great however the major issue appears for the subscription plans. The price is much higher than the other private network providers.


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4- PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN allows you to access medias which are banned in your country on Firestick. It allows smooth and safe browsing on Firestick. They encrypt your IP address and protect your account password. They are available for over fifty countries. The downside of this network is that despite its no login feature, it collects cookies while you are online on Firestick


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5- BetterNet

The advantages of Better Net VPN is that this network gives you a complete advertisement free browsing on Firestick. They even have a week of free trial period along with a month guaranteed money back period. You can even avail their free version. However,this network tends to sell your data in the free version.


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The VPN network providers mentioned above are few of the best private network providers for Firestick. It is important to surf the Firestick on a protected network because you obviously do not want a stranger to know what you are viewing online . You need to maintain privacy for your account. Using such networks also allows you to view contents which are not available otherwise. Switching to a private network is definitely a task you should undertake immediately.

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