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Ibvpn stands for Invisible browsing Virtual Private Network


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Ibvpn stands for Invisible browsing Virtual Private Network. The virtual private network is a network which allows users to surf the internet while using an unprotected network without disclosing personal information. Such a network ensures that you are safe form cyber bully. On ibvpn, your confidential documents are not at a stake. A fast and reliable service, ibvpn has been recognised as the most authentic network but its users.

1- What are the Characteristics of Ibvpn  ?  


The Ibvpn   provides a fast and secure private network for safe Web browsing on unprotected internet connection. It makes sure your VPN service is fast and easy to setup. Here along with high speed, care is taken that your location while you are online is not compromised. Even if you are a layman, you are able to access the network easily. It keeps updating your IP address so that you can maintain your anonymity online . On this virtual network, you are safe from your account being hacked. It allows you to hide your IP address.


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2- Review for Ibvpn   


 Ibvpn  has a total of over 500,000 subscribers. Ibvpn  provides a global network. They have over one hundred and thirty servers spread over forty seven countries. These servers allow encryption for your IP address. This helps you hide your personal information and your location to unknown people while you are on an unprotected network. The set up procedure is fast and simple. The interface used by ibVpn is


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3- The advantages of using IbVpn   


  • IbVpn have a scheme in which users get a 15 days guarantee money back. They also have a free trial period where you can experience their full service without any additional charges. You can even create an account for a 24 hour trial.
  • The unlimited plans are available for a duration of one month. Users can opt from three different types of plans according to their preferences.
  • The users get free access to all the Geo restricted websites. You get access to all blocked websites.
  • Proxy settings are available.
  • Ibvpn gives unlimited bandwidth.
  • It is supported by all operating system such as Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
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4- The disadvantages of using Ibvpn   


  • Ibvpn provides the best of the features but these features come with a price. The subscription plans are in monthly forms. The price range lies within $2.5 $1.5.


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Final words

While online, one need to aware of what all information are we passing not to complete strangers unknowingly. This information exchange can lead to several cyber crimes. It is recommended to switch to Virtual Private Network to maintain the privacy. The basic feature of a VPN is to ensure safety to its user. While ibvpn gives users this basic feature, it also allows them access to additional benefits of being on a virtual private network. This includes access to blocked sites and private browsing. Ibvpn is known for its speed and efficiency. The authenticity and services provided by ibvpn makes it one of the leading networks in the world.

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